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To all you people who have agreed to organize a school or village fete and don't know where to begin
- help is at hand.

The Fete Fun web site plans to provide detailed instructions on stands, games and side shows that can be easily set-up for any fete along with details of the popularity and profitability of each attraction.

The Fete Fun web site was founded on December 10th 2002. Check back often as we hope to have lots of ideas ready for the new fete season, alternatively email us via the Contact Details page to receive details of site updates. We would also welcome any suggestion for new fete activities.

The ideas for attractions, stalls, events and games listed on the Fete Fun web site have not necessarily been tested or tried by the authors of this web site. We accept no responsibility for any injuries, damages or any other losses caused by following the ideas presented on this site. The use of any ideas shown on this web site implies acceptance of these terms, see the Disclaimer.