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The Testing Team
Peter, Alexandra, Philippa & Stephen
Engineer and Website Designer
Chief Organizer and Bosser Arounder

The Fete Fun web site was founded on December 10th 2002 following a request from Richard, a friend who has been volunteered to help run his local fete and wanted details of the Balloon Bursting Game. At this point we realized that this was not the first time such information had been requested and wouldn't it be useful/fun to set up a website. Last year we organized three fetes, ran stalls or games at three more and organized three themed Birthday Parties with a selection of the games and activities. The fetes were all successful and raised a lot of money (we know how to part the punters from their cash)!!!

Check back often as we hope to have lots of ideas ready for the 2005 fete season - alternatively email us via the Contact Details page to receive details of site updates.