Baked Beans Bath


The victim sits in a bathtub or paddling pool and has baked beans poured over them. This works best if the person in the bath is a person of authority such as the school Head Teacher. Additional money can be raised if sponsorship is collected before the event. Invite the local Press Photographer along as they like this type of event and there is a good chance the picture will appear in the local paper. Variations include the use of custard or any other gundgy substance in place of the baked beans.

Cost and Prizes:

30p a cup of baked beans.
£5 for a catering tin full of beans – target the spouse and relatives of the victim.


Equipment Needed and Setting Up Instruction:

Baked Beans – Three catering size tins. Try to get these donated by the school catering company.
Plastic Cups.
Goggles to completely protect the victim’s eyes.
Paddling Pool, bath or other container to catch the beans.

This is best held outside as it can get very messy. The victim should wear old clothes or a swimming costume and an old "T" shirt. Wearing of goggles is essential – see the note below. The victim sits in the bath and each customer gets to pour a cup of beans over the victim. Spouses or other relatives of the victim can be offered a much larger container of beans at an increased cost. The beans can be recycled out of the bath and used to refill the cups to be poured on to the victim again.

Once the fete ends, or the victim has had enough, a place should be provided for the person to get cleaned up and changed, preferably with facilities to have a shower. If the victim is to be hosed down in public, before getting changed, then for a small charge customers can be offered the opportunity to spray cold water over the victim.


Special Notes:

  1. Baked beans cause irritation and pain if they get in your eyes, especially if contact lens are being worn. The person having baked beans poured over them should always wear a pair of safety goggles that completely protect their eyes. Keep either eye wash or clean water handy to wash out their eyes in case of accidents.

  2. Eating of the beans after they have been used for this event is not recommended.

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