Bear's Bungee Jump


The customers bring their Teddy Bears (or other favourite toy animal) and these are thrown off the top of the church steeple attached to a bungee cord. The name of each bear is recorded on a certificate which is presented to the bear's owner after the jump. This event was very popular at our local church when run as part of the church fete, a lot of adults produced some very battered but much loved bears to jump alongside their children's bears making it a good family event.

Cost and Prizes:

1.00 per jump


Equipment Needed and Setting Up Instruction:

Rope - 2 pieces long enough to reach the ground from the top of the steeple.
Wooden pole - 2 m (8').
Thick Elastic - 3 m (10').
Baby harness or sling.
Basket or large shopping bag.
Pre-printed certificates.

A church steeple with a flat top is ideal for this event, a tall building or aerial platform (cherry picker) could also be used. The baby sling or harness is tied to the end of the piece of elastic which in turn is tied to the end of the rope forming a bungee cord. The other end of the rope is then tied to the end of the wooden pole which is attached to the steeple so that it sticks out over the edge of the roof. The pole serves to keep the rope away from the wall of the church steeple.

The second rope is attached to the basket or large shopping basket. The bears are weighted and then hauled up the outside of the tower in the basket, alternatively carry the bears to the top via the stairs. Place the bear in the harness, adjust the length of the rope for the weight of the bear and drop the bear over the side. Carry out some test drops to mark the length of the rope such that the bears do not actually hit the ground. Before dropping the bear announce the name of the bear in a loud voice and make appropriate noises as each bear plummets to the ground.

Write the name of the bear on a commemorative certificate which is presented to the bear's owner after the jump. Advanced publicity for this event is vital as bears are not usually taken to fetes.


Special Notes:

  1. Take care when working at heights, safety must be the first consideration and safety harnesses may be required.

  2. Children should not be allowed on the top of the building.
  3. Ensure that the drop area is fenced off to prevent anyone being hit by a falling bear or other object dropped from the tower. The bear retriever should wear a safety helmet or hard hat.

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