Bouncy Castle


Big inflatable castle or inflatable animal for children to jump on. Don't expect to make lots of money from a Bouncy Castle as they are expensive to hire. However they usually breakeven and should be considered as a loss leader. No school fete is complete without a Bouncy Castle. As they are big they often stick up above building and help to draw in the crowds.

Cost and Prizes:

50p - 1.00 for 5 minutes depending on the area. Give discounts for big families.


Equipment Needed and Setting Up Instruction:

Bouncy Castle - 50+ for the day, look in the Yellow Pages for hire companies.

Set up the Bouncy Castle in a clear open area. Adult supervision is required at all times to prevent rough play and to ensure that nobody is injured. The time limit can be increased if the Bouncy Castle is looking empty. We once saw 15 minutes as the time limit, most of the younger children were worn out and had climbed off the Bouncy Castle before their time was up.

Some hire companies will run the Bouncy Castle for you and then give you a percentage of the profits. If possible hire a Bouncy Castle with a roof as this can still be used if it rains.


Special Notes:

  1. Take care to ensure that anyone falling off the Bouncy Castle will land on the mats and not be hurt.

  2. Shoes should always be removed before getting on the Bouncy castle both to protect the Bouncy Castle and to prevent injuries to other users.

  3. Limit the number of people on the Bouncy Castle at any one time and group by ages to prevent injuries.

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