Human Fruit Machine


Three large boxes are set up with a person (child) in each box, on a signal each person at random picks a piece of fruit and holds it out of a hole in the front of the box. If all the pieces of fruit are the same the player wins a prize. This is a good event for children to help run and is not often seen at fetes so has a novelty value.

Cost and Prizes:

20p - 30p a go.
Prize - a small bag of sweets.

Equipment Needed and Setting Up Instruction:

3 Large cardboard boxes - big enough to cover at least the upper part of a child's body.
3 sets of fruit.
Bags of sweets for prizes.
Handbell (optional).

Cut a hole in the front of each box, large enough to hold a piece of fruit out of. One child sits in each box with a bowl of fruit and on a signal (bell ring) given by the 4th person, who also collects the money, each child picks a piece of fruit out of the bowl and holds it out of the hole. If all of the pieces of fruit are the same a prize is won. In the interest of fairness it is important that the children in the boxes can't see what the others have selected. We have heard of this attraction being run as a mobile event with the children and their boxes wandering around and setting up wherever a crowd is spotted.

Fruit - Cherries, Bananas, Apples, Pears, Lemons, Oranges, Bunch of Grapes.

The odds of someone winning a prize depends on the number of different pieces of fruit in the set.

1 in 64 chance of winning if 4 pieces of fruit are used.
1 in 125 chance of winning if 5 pieces of fruit are used.
1 in 216 chance of winning if 6 pieces of fruit are used.

The chances of winning are low, offer a smaller prize (lolly) if two pieces of fruit are matched so as to attract more players.

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