Quizzes are always popular as they can be easily copied and sent home with each of the kids or just used on a quiz night. For a themed quiz, set all of the questions around the chosen theme.

Cost and Prizes:

50p – an entry.
Prizes – box of chocolates or other suitable prize.

Equipment Needed and Setting Up Instruction:

Duplicated quiz sheets

Produce a set of questions and distribute to all of the pupils in the school or distribute at a fete asking for the answers to be returned within a week. In the case of a tie, send out additional questions, split the prize or flip a coin to choose the winner.

On a quiz night the questions can be read out by the quiz master and the audience can just write the answers down. To mark the questions have each team pass their answers to the next team along, double check the winning team’s answers. Have a set of additional questions ready if they are needed for a tie break.

Sample quizzes:

Valentine’s Day Love Quiz: LoveQuiz.pdf Answers: LoveQuiz-Answers.pdf

Special Notes:


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