Rudolph Bean Bag Throw


A cartoon character is drawn on a board or piece of cardboard with a large hole for its mouth. Bean bags are thrown at the character and prizes are awarded for bean bags which are thrown into the mouth. This attraction does not usually make a lot of money but is fun, especially for young children. A more advanced version has a switch in the mouth, this lights Rudolph’s nose each time a bean bag enters the mouth. Rudoph could be replaced by a clown for summer fetes.

Cost and Prizes:

20p - 30p for three throws.
Prize - a small bag of sweets or give away a lolly for each contestant.


Equipment Needed and Setting Up Instruction:

Board or cardboard with painted cartoon character and a large hole for a mouth.
3 bean bags.

Make the bean bags out of scraps of material approximately 100mm square and fill with dried beans or lentils. The cartoon character should be drawn and then painted on a board approximately 1 m x 0.6 m, mdf works well. Attach supports to the back of the board to support the board in an upright position, for extra stability lean the board backwards by about 30 degrees. If it is to be used outside or for extra protection overpaint the board and its supports with two coats of varnish.

The advanced version has a nose made out of a white plastic (translucent) film canister holding the bulb. To obtain a red glow from the nose, coat the bulb with red nail varnish. Attach the tilt switch to a lightweight board suspended by small cup hooks behind the mouth opening. Each time the tilt switch board is hit the nose will flash, care needs to be taken to adjust the angle of the tilt switch to ensure the nose lights reliably. The tilt switch (similar to a mercury switch), bulbs, batteries etc. can be obtained from www.maplin.co.uk or other suppliers.

Special Notes:

  1. Care must be taken to ensure that people can’t be hit by stray bean bags.
  2. Never replace the batteries with a mains supply.

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