Snowmen Skittles


Snowmen Skittles is a Christmas themed version of skittles. The object is to bowl the ball at the skittles trying to knock over as many as possible. Each contestant gets three throws and prizes are either awarded for knocking over all of the skittles or just for competing.

Cost and Prizes:

20p - 30p for three throws.
Prizes – small bag of sweets or a lolly for each contestant.

Equipment Needed and Setting Up Instruction:

10 Snowmen Skittles.
1 Ball – child’s football.
Skittle Alley (optional).

Construct the Snowmen Skittles by covering plastic drinks bottles with white fur fabric or cotton wool, 1 litre squash bottles are recommended. Larger versions can be constructed using 2 litre fizzy drinks bottles or use small plastic bottles for a miniature version – the size of ball used may need to be changed for these versions. Put a small amount of sand or water in each bottle to weigh it down – experiment to find the quantity required which allows the bottles to fall over when hit but not fall over every time there is a gust of wind. Complete the snowmen by adding felt or cardboard hats, eyes, mouths and orange noses in the shape of carrots. For variety, substitute a Santa or Rudolph skittle for one of the snowmen.

The Skittle Alley is intended to stop the balls rolling around the room, it can be purpose built out of strips of MDF or using benches laid on their sides. For the miniature version, 100 mm high walls and a tennis ball would suffice and for the full height version make the walls 200 - 300 mm high. Paint the Skittle Alley with a Christmas theme to make it more attractive to the customers.

Different decorations can be applied to the bottles to make a summer themed skittle set or make a school themed skittle set by decorating each skittle to look like a member of the school’s staff.

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